November 26, 2009

in class today, i get to know more about bing.
In the past, whenever Bing searches results popped out of my screen i find it irritating and would immediately close the windows. Another reason is because the web page of bing certainly look like some scam to me. Probably that is one point bing needs to improve on besides marketing itself as another search engine. I do not even realise it is a search engine until today.

for image searches, whenever you mouse over the image, the dimensions will be shown, making everything so much easier, if you want to encode or embedd it onto you weblog or any other social networking sites, the dimensions will serve as a marking guage.

you can also mouse over a video and it will play by itself. The length that it is able to play will depends on your preference.

for the video and image search results you received, you will be able to see them all at just one single web page, unlike google yahoo or any other search engines where you have to click to proceed into another page of results. Such method wastes time as you only ge to see 10 results at a time. For some rather lazy people, they’ll just ignore it.

However, hardly anyone uses bing. It is like, if you ask around, they will tell you to google. It is not sure when people already used google like it is a verb.


November 23, 2009

Recently, my NCT lecturer invited Pat Law to give a talk on social media.

After the talk, i do realise their are so many online sites that do wonders in our learning. Searching for information today has never been so much faster and effective.

From what i have learnt, social media is called so because it is social. It is interactive. But to some people, social media seems like advertising to them. Advertising for yourself, or your brand. Probably they have not fully leverage on the benefits of social media.

Moving onto internet communication because it is cheaper than smses and phone calls. But whatever the case it, i still think such form of communcation is too distant. For example, you may realise that communicating to a person via sms and face-to-face is very different. the extent or progress of initmacy and content is enough to prove my point. I cannot help but find it irritating and its making me lose my patience. Whatever the case is, we cannot deny that such communcation is popular right now and that everyone is using it, especially internet communcation.

Besides being relatively cheap, you can do loads more through the internet, like sending files, musics and stuffs which you cannot do through the phone or via sms.

November 12, 2009

today,  i was introduced to through a seminar from zixin’s group. its a social bookmarking site that enables users to bookmarks all their favourite websites. i have yet to explore but i seriously feel that to me, its just a waste of time. whatever website that comes to my mine, i’ll just type the address into the address bar and click enter. by bookmarking it, you are actually forcing yourself to revisit those sites u’ve visited and bookmarked. i  feel that the main commercial purpose of social bookmarking sites like is to enhance the respective site countings, rather than wanting to help  readers to remember those sites they really like. its additional trouble to me, log in to delicious account, and look at all your bookmarks. perhaps to some people such social bookmarking sites really helped them, but i believe, not much. it applies to google reader for me as well.

on the other hand, i truely believe such sites benefits people who realli need daily doeses of information  from such websites like professionals working in the media world. probably i should start working on it as well.

there are lots of things in the social media world, not just facebook, twitter youtube, blogs as we in general knows it. Blog directories, social bookmarking sites, and many more i realised ever since i started NCT class a few weeks ago because  i hardly ever use them in the past. social machines are related to social media as well, both exist with one another. one is a platform, and the other a tool. It sounds like a community to me, co-existing in harmony.

November 12, 2009

Recently i stumbled upon an article featured in 8-days that talks about how social media has made her life even more busier.

To her, the instant replies she gets on facebook whenever she commented or posted something onto her wall has been rather intriguing. she cannot help but to reply immediately. from that second onwards, she is hooked in front of her laptop busying replying comments or whatever, and forgets all about her lunch. All of a sudden, she became busy. Thats how i know why some people can sit in front of the facebook screen for hours. There is simply so much things to keep you busy on facebook. And its like, you are doing it so willingly.

In the past, when you only need to write on a piece of paper, enclosed it in an envelope, affix a stamp, mail it, and you will be free for at least a few days before getting a reply. Now, technology has made communication so efficient that we hardly can take time off to be free.

Hello world!

October 21, 2009

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